Vickie’s Ride


Vickie Bottiger is gearing up to train for the Bike MS ride taking place in the Kansas City metro area on September 13th, 2014. Vickie will continue to attend cycling classes at her club to stay in shape, but her outside training will begin in the next two weeks. Outside training consists of 10 to 15 mile bike rides outside every Sunday and a few 30 to 35 mile bike rides with her friend, Jeanne, before the big 73 mile Bike MS ride.

Many of the Champions signed Vickie’s jersey at the Educational Event in Arizona. Vickie had this to say about what their signatures meant to her:

“I was honored to share my 25th Anniversary with VPR with the A1C Champions. Little do they know, they inspired me four years ago to start making a change in my life. When I left the 2010 Educational Event, they inspired me with their stories and their passion for life! So, having their signatures means having their inspiration with me constantly!”

Your commitment to health and fitness inspires us every day, Vickie! We are honored to have signed your jersey and we will be cheering you on during your training!


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