New Employee Feature: Alyssa Norton

For our next employee feature, we would like to introduce our new Program Coordinator, Alyssa Norton! Here is a little bit of information about her:

Hometown: I was born in Wichita, KS but have considered Lees Summit, MO my hometown since my family moved there when I was two years old.

Hobbies: I really enjoy music and have ever since I was a baby. I have played the piano for twenty-two years and have been singing my whole life in every genre you can think of (yes, that includes opera!).
I also enjoy photography, interior decorating at my home and recently started researching landscaping and gardening with hopes of having a delicious garden outside of my home next spring!

Fun fact: When I was a little kid I was TERRIFIED of Ronald McDonald. I had a horrible incident at around age seven when I was walking into McDonalds. I had my head down (not sure why)  and all of a sudden I saw humungous shoes and when I looked up, there stood Ronald McDonald. He was one foot away from me with this scary, sinister grin on his face. I screamed and ran out of the restaurant. To this day, i’m not very fond of clowns.

Favorite part of the job so far: I absolutely love the work atmosphere at VPR. Everyone is very friendly and helpful.

We’re very lucky to have Alyssa as part of the VPR Team!


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