Part Two of Vickie’s Ride: Vickie’s Motivation

Part One of Vickie’s Ride was such a hit that we decided to check in with her to see how training is going for the BikeMS Ride and ask her a few follow up questions about her commitment to health and fitness.

Vickie Bike

Vickie’s Bike and Number from her 2013 BikeMS Ride.

When did you first become committed to health and fitness?

It really started after having my last baby in 1981 (a long time ago). Exercise has been sporadic over the years, but I’ve always tried to make exercise part of my life. Yes, there have been long periods of time when exercise was absent due to priorities that were more important (kids, job, etc.) However, my focus really started more than four years ago when I decided to make it a priority in my life. It goes without saying, my husband, Tom, was always there to support me and to encourage me to go to the gym. After Tom passed away a couple years ago, it was even more important to me. I had a place to go and Tom’s encouragement was ever present.  The gym kept me going and my gym friends held me accountable!

What inspires you to stay committed to health and fitness? 

My daughters, my co-workers at VPR POP, and all of our peer educators (A1C Champions, MS Ambassadors, Multiple Myeloma Journey Partners, and Gaucher Partners.)

What advice do you have for people who are struggling to stay committed to health and fitness? 

I view it as a gift to myself and as being good to myself. Keep in mind, it takes time for something new to become a habit. If you miss a day, don’t worry about it and don’t beat yourself up over it. If you only have 10 minutes a day, build on that. Movement in any form is wonderful!

Why did you choose biking/cycling as your form of exercise? 

My daughter, Lindsey, encouraged me to try some of the classes at 24 Hour Fitness. Spin class instructors, Brett Courtright and Kris Nichols, bring their positive attitude and energy to each and very spin class. It’s contagious! Jean Porter, a close friend, also encouraged me to start riding outdoors. It’s a sport I can do on my own while being outdoors and enjoying nature! After the BikeMS Ride with Jean last year, I was hooked.

What training have you been doing the last two months to prepare for the Bike MS ride on September 13th

I’ve focused on challenging myself in the gym during my spin class. I have been increasing the difficulty of my rides and also continue to work with weights.  I’ve also continued to ride outdoors at least once a week.

What does your training schedule look like for the next 2.5 weeks? 

I’m in the gym an average of 5 times a week and I’ll add a couple of rides that will average around 30 miles each.

How do you prepare for the BikeMS ride the day of? 

I’ll keep the same routine in the gym the week prior.  I’ll take a bottle of water and some type of a snack to start.   The ride is so well staffed along the route with different rest stops and I’ll stop at each stop and drink water and eat the snacks they provide.


Good luck next month on your ride, Vickie! We are eager to hear about it and know you will do great. Jordan and Lindsay will be out there supporting Vickie and the other riders and will keep everyone updated on her success!


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