Vickie’s Ride: BikeMS Recap

Vickie rode in the BikeMS Ride on Saturday. Read on to hear more about her ride and see photos of her 72 mile journey.

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What time did you start the ride on Saturday?  We left the starting line at about 7:10 a.m.

Tell us about the repair you needed. I starting to hear some clicking and I knew that wasn’t normal.  I knew there was a bike repair area at each stop, so I pulled into the next rest stop. A couple of nice men placed it on the rack and determined a plastic piece had come loose, but luckily it was a piece I didn’t need. In no time at all, they had it repaired and I was on my way.

What did you eat/drink during the ride? At each stop they had bananas, oranges, water, Gatorade, and PB&J sandwiches.  I would grab a banana and water at each stop.

Was there a stretch of the ride that was particularly challenging? Yes, there was a section that was hills, hills, and more hills.  It was between Gardner, KS and DeSoto, KS. The hills just wouldn’t stop. You’d complete one and you’d think okay, it’s going to be easy…no, just another hill (ugh).

What was your final time?  3:38 p.m. was my arrival into Lawrence, KS

Who was in your cheering corner? Jacquie and Lindsay from VPR POP were there to support me. Jean’s husband, Phil, and our friends, Sherry and Al, were there cheering us on too.

How did you feel after the race? I was ready to be off the bike, but felt pretty good, just tired.  We remained in Lawrence until about 5:00 p.m. and headed home. I laid around for the rest of the evening.

Is there anything else you want to include?  Thank you to everyone for your support!  It was great fun and such an important cause.  They announced the Kansas City MS Bike Ride raised the most money nationwide. I’m ready for next year’s BikeMS Ride!

Vickie, we are so proud of you for completing the ride and for raising awareness for such a great cause! We can’t wait to cheer you on again next year!



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