New Employee Feature: Michael Mackie

VPR POP would like to introduce our new Media Specialist, Michael Mackie! Michael will join Kristen and Jordan in supporting ongoing training and enhancing presentation skills as he applies years of award-winning media experience.

Michael with his two newest Emmy awards.

Michael with his two newest Emmy awards.

Here is a bit of information about him:

Hometown: Des Moines, Iowa, USA, Earth

Hobbies: Certified fitness instructor. I teach everything from yoga to spinning to circuit. I love to travel (thank God, since it’s a big part of my job).

Interesting facts: I’ve won 8 Emmys. I have a freakish, irrational fear of horses. (Problematic when you work on the Plaza, which is famous for its horse drawn carriage rides.)  I’m a shrimp scampi and pecan pie aficionado. And I nearly dropped dead from a stroke when I turned 40. (I’ve recovered nicely.)

Favorite part of the job: Getting to know each of the Ambassadors and Champions and working with the new Ambassadors to get them up and rolling.

Michael proudly displaying his new Emmy.

Michael and KSHB’s Jadiann Thompson. Jadiann won Best Anchor and Michael won Best Host.

We’re thrilled to welcome Michael to the VPR POP Team!


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