Multiple Myeloma Journey Partners at ASH Foundation       

The Multiple Myeloma Journey Partners participated in The ASH (American Society of Hematology) Foundation’s annual meeting and exposition last week. Its convention brought approximately 20,000 people to San Francisco. The MMJP team rotated shifts in the Sanofi Oncology booth and talked with people about their diagnosis and autologous stem cell transplant.  We know how inspiring and courageous the Journey Partners are – not only have they battled cancer; they also want to share their story with others in the hopes that it may help them on their own journey with the disease. On Sunday, December 7, the Journey Partners took inspiration and courage to a new level when they participated in the ASH Foundation 3K – 5K Run/Walk.

It was MMJP Brian Helstien’s idea to do the race as “Team MMJP”. Brian, who turns 66 this January, is a dedicated runner who often participates in races ranging from 5Ks to triathlons. Brian was recently honored by Myeloma Crowd for completing 1,000 days of running in a row since his autologous stem cell transplant on October 10th 2011.

With his encouragement, Team MMJP was formed, including Brian, fellow MMJPs Todd, Barb, Danielle and Francine, and VPR POP staff member Jordan. Team MMJP joined 500 other runners on the race course that overlooked the Golden Gate Bridge.

MMJP Barb Hansen said, “We had a great time at the walk/run! Some finished in great time; others of us “brought up the rear”, but completed the race.”

MMJP Francine Webb echoed the sentiment that it was “A great time!”

To read more about Brian’s story:

We are so proud of all of our Journey Partners who participated in the race. Thank you for always representing the program so well and forever encouraging us to try new things!

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