Staff Spotlight: Vickie Bottiger


As Office Manager, Vickie is known as the “Go-to-Gal” of the VPR POP team. Not only is her energy absolutely contagious, her expertise from being with VPR for nearly thirty years is invaluable. In this day and age, staying with the same company for decades is a rarity, so we asked Vickie to share a little about what’s kept her passionate and excited about her career at VPR:

1.) What is your favorite thing about working at VPR POP? 

I’m never doing the same thing. Every day is something new and different, which I love. I feel I’ve had the opportunity to grow as an individual.  I also love being able to travel. Much of my travel centers around finding locations where we can bring together groups of 100+ patients for a training event, as well as traveling to locations around the country for coordination of patient mentoring programs.

2.) What keeps you passionate after all these years? 

The people! It’s very powerful to see the steps so many people are taking to lead full and productive lives with a progressive disease.

3.) Have there been any outstanding moments/memories during your time here that have impacted you? 

 I’ve had the privilege of being present when so many of the patients we work with have practiced their presentations during training sessions, and it’s very moving.  Each and every one of them are so amazing in what they share with others.  I’m always so humbled by how much they share of themselves.

4.) Tell us again about your bike ride to support MS. What inspired you to do this?  

After my husband Tom passed away three years ago, my good friend Jean Porter suggested I bike with her.  That turned into riding in my first MS Bike ride in 2012. I completed the 74 mile ride and really enjoyed it.  You meet so many great people. Truly – it’s FUN! I love riding for such a great cause.

5.) What has changed the most for you personally during your time with VPR POP?

Several years ago, I realized I really wanted to make myself a priority.  I wanted to feel better and look better.  I would see others taking care of themselves, and it was because they were making choices for themselves. That’s when I really started to get serious about exercise.  I’m definitely a person who loves routine, and belonging to a health club works for me.  My daughter, Linsey, encouraged me to try some group exercise programs and that’s when I discovered spin.  I’ve enjoyed the positive feedback from the class instructors and of course, new friendships.

In my professional life, because I’ve put myself first, I think I’m bringing my best to my job.  I feel good about who I am and where I’m going.  I’ve always loved learning, and that’s still true today.

6.) Do you foresee peer mentor/education growing in healthcare in the coming years?  

 Definitely!  What better way for patients to learn about what’s working for other individuals!  Great stories shared by so many that really can and do impact others.

Thank you so much for all you do, Vickie!


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