Recruiting New Patient Ambassadors

You know the POP in our name stands for Patient Outreach Program, but what exactly does that mean? It means we partner with people who live with progressive diseases…people who have had successful medical procedures…people who know what it’s like to battle a rare condition…to tell their stories to others who will be inspired by that information. Some people call them “patients”, but to us, they are our friends, our family and our heroes. Real people who have been dealt a scary hand, and have chosen to live an empowered life and encourage others in their shoes to do the same. In fact, POP is not only our name, it’s also our mission. Our goal is to facilitate that “pop” or that “spark” that happens when one person connects with another and hope is born.

VPR POP offers programs in many disease areas, and we are fortunate to work with talented and passionate individuals all around the country.   Do you have a story to tell from the patient or caregiver perspective – do you live with a chronic illness, have you survived a frightening diagnosis, has your life been improved by a medical procedure? We want to help you share your story to make a difference for others.

Contact Allie at 1-855-302-1877 to learn more.




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