VPR POP Welcomes Harriett Gunderson and Kami Rodgers Brendel

The VPR POP Team is thrilled to introduce our newest Program Coordinator, Harriett Gunderson, and our newest Trainer, Kami Rodgers Brendel.

Both Harriett and Kami came on board on in May. Before joining the VPR POP Coordination team, Harriett worked as a swimming and water safety Program Coordinator for the USA Swimming Foundation (yes, she is our resident Olympic swimming guru) . In her spare time, she enjoys swimming, traveling with her husband Eric, watching sports, baking, and cooking. When asked about her new role, Harriett says “Through booking travel and following up with patients and program hosts, I have the chance to chat with many of the people who are working hard to make a difference. I have really enjoyed this opportunity to get to know each of them. They are a fun group of extremely dedicated individuals.” When asked about peer mentorship in healthcare, Harriett said “I thrive off of having a network of peers that have similar interests and experiences as me, so I appreciate how vital it is for patients to have a similar network.”

Kami’s background is in theater, specializing in presentation coaching and accent modification. Outside of work, Kami and her husband Glen enjoy music, biking, and going to the beach or the lake, or, she jokes, “the shower, or wherever I can find water.” When asked what she’s enjoyed most in her work as a Trainer so far, Kami said “It’s difficult to say what I’ve enjoyed most about my time with VPR because my experience has been so overwhelmingly positive.  For me it is a tie between working with such a wonderful group of people, all of whom share a passion for helping others, and experiencing the emotion in a room when a patient speaker has really connected with and inspired hope in program attendees.”

Both Kami and Harriett look forward to getting to know more of the patients VPR POP partners with. Welcome Kami and Harriett, we are so happy to have you on our team!




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